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Cipher Docs is The Next Big Thing – Cipher Docs is a next-generation Document Security Tool and Solution, which comes with the highest level of document security in the soft as well as printed form.

Plan, Design, Build and Create a Customized Document for your agency, organization, company, institute, product, or brand with the maximum level of security against counterfeit, forgery, alteration, falsification, imitation, or any fraudulent activities.

Cipher Docs has been built ground up after years of research, brainstorming, development, and evaluation to make it an anti-falsity product for vulnerable and valuable documents, which are always at a risk of being forged by opportunistic criminals.

Cipher Docs comes with a layered security approach, which safeguards the document in every layer with an anti-counterfeit approach. Cipher Docs comes with various Security forms which makes its Layered Security Approach like Paper Security, Design Security, Data Security, Print Security, and Information Security.


Layer 1: Security Paper

Cipher Docs is a solution built with Security Paper as one of the layers; we will provide you with the best quality, elegant, and high-security paper which lays the Security grounds of Document Security.

Security paper is a paper that incorporates features that can be used to identify or authenticate a document as original, e.g., watermarks or invisible fibres in paper, or features that demonstrate tamper evidence when fraud is attempted, e.g., to remove or alter print such as Name, Amount or signatures, etc. on a Document.

We provide multiple variants of Security Papers, which sets us apart from our competitors as per the budget of our clients, vulnerability of the information, and importance of the document for the document provider.

Variety of Security Paper


Currency Thread Paper

Currency Thread Paper is a clear, inscribed polyester thread has been incorporated into the paper of genuine currency. The thread is embedded in the paper and runs vertically through the clear field. The Paper is used for Currency Notes, Bank Notes, etc. due to its unique features.


Non-Tear Able Paper

Non-Tear Able Paper is a tear resistance paper, which are provides authenticity and originality to the printed documents to safeguard the document from fraudsters, forgers, and copyist.


UV Evident Paper

UV Fiber Paper is a fluorescent color fibers paper, which are divided into color fiber, few are visible and the others are invisible, they are called fluorescent point fiber paper. The visible can be seen with the naked eye and the invisible one is only evident under an Ultraviolent light.

Layer 2: Design Security

Security Design is created with various Design Security Features, which makes the document exclusive, unique, and with maximum security against forgery. Security Design plays a vital role to protect the document from various bogus, copy, counterfeit, fraud, and alteration activities with the help of the distinctive tamper-proof design security.

Variety of Security Design


Guilloche Design

Unique Anti-Counterfeit Measure

Guilloche Design is a security design printed on a paper to safeguard it against counterfeit.


Void Pantograph (Anti Copy Mark)

Replication Proof with Copy-Evident Pantograph

Used to Safeguard unauthorized copying, a Pantograph is a copy-evident feature which presents a security message, such as Void or Copy, after being photocopied or scanned.


Static Ghost Image

Duplication Proof Security with a Ghost Image

A Ghost Image is a company logo or any static text in coded structure, which is only visible under a filter at a certain specified angle (i.e. 45°). It is a Security Feature which is difficult to forge and are aimed at curbing duplication of valuable and vulnerable documents.

Layer 3: Print Security

Print Security is used to safeguard the document with the help of the usage of specialized inks, printing techniques, etc. These inks are rare to find, and differentiating them from the regular ink is not easy. It helps to Elevate Covert Security with Secure UV features. It adds additional and upgraded layers of anti-falsity, alteration, and forgery-proof by printing with the Secure UV Ink, Thermochromic ink, Watermarks, etc. These links are hidden and invisible to the human eye till the time, only fluorescing under a UV light.

Variety of Security Design


Invisible UV Ink

Deceit Resistant Security with UV Text

Secure UV ink along with the existing Security elements, such as CIPHER MARK, adds additional security against duplication of the document.


Thermochromic Ink

Strengthen Authenticity by Safeguarding Originality

Thermochromic ink is a special ink that changes color when temperatures of the surrounding exceedingly increase or decrease, which proves the authenticity and the originality of the document.



Combat Counterfeit with Watermark Background

Design and Create Static Watermark printed across the document. It provides an added layer of security with anti-copy background and enables replication proof environment.

Layer 4: Data Security

Data Security Layer is a personalized layer to prevent the information of the document owner from Fraudulent activist and opportunistic criminals. The information comes with the Cipher Docs Software which customizes it as per the information about the end entity, it is difficult to forge all the details as it is tamper-proof, hidden, and invisible to the human eye, and they are visible by various techniques with the help of various objects, so copying all of them is a difficult for the copyist, so they bound to get caught through some or the other security feature.

Variety of Data Security Standards


Variable Micro Text

Edge over Falsification to enhance Document Safety

The variable Micro text provides an additional shield to document security by adding a variable micro text within the static micro text as a modern way of augmented and enhanced document security standards.


Variable UV Text

Encourage Robustness Against Alteration with UV Text

Variable UV Text provides the highest level of Security as the invisible data printed is unique, pertaining to the specific document, which strengths the security and safeguards against bogus documents.


Variable Ghost Image

Upgraded Legitimacy Standards Against Document Fraud

Variable Ghost Image provides an enhanced layered security approach with unique and personalized data about the document owner in the form of image or text in a coded structure, which is only visible under a filter at a specified angle (i.e. 45°).

Layer 5: Information Security

Information Security Layer is implemented to boost the security, validation, and verification standards of the document security standards to make it tight, firm, and locked from falsifiers. Information Security secures information on various stages of the Document Creation Lifecycle, the document goes through a lot of phases for protecting it from various alteration attacks. Information Security designs add authenticity, validation, and verification to prove the Originality of a particular document.

Variety of Information Security Standards


Cipher Docs Canvas

User-Friendly, Scalable, Secure, Effective Print Platform

Create Customized and Personalized layouts with maximum precision and security standards with the Cipher Docs Visual Designer. The robust WYSIWYG interface enables users to easily create, design, preview, and manage security templates with an easy-on-the-go drag and drop feature with scalability and deployment.


Secured Depository

Cost Effective, Business Flexibility, High-Security Information Management

Cloud or on-premise Development and Deployment Options. Scalable Solution allows easy development to 1000’s of print locations. Mobile app for Android and iOS for the Verification process. Secure Platform with 256 bit SSL and hashed encryption algorithms. Access to Automatic Updates, Easy Scalability, Reduced IT with better results.


QR Code Verification (With Private Key)

Verify and Validate the Documents on the Go

CD-QR (Cipher Docs-Quick Response) Code enables digital verification with a smartphone to quickly confirm the authenticity of the document. Cipher Mark’s ownership QR Code is encrypted, via a hashed algorithm, which safeguards unauthorized access to the unapproved users from scanning the code and makes forgery impossible.


1-D Barcode

Barcode to know more about a particular Document

1-D Barcode is a Data Encryption and Storage Design which can only be read under a Customized Barcode Scanner. Barcode is a machine readable visual pattern printed on the document, which consists information about a particular document, it is an encoded information, which becomes visible once scanned with any type of Barcode Scanner.


DNA Barcode

DNA Barcode to solve the Mystery of Document Security

The beauty of DNA (Digital Narrative Authentication) Barcode is; it can only be read by a private mobile/server application. Once scanned by it provides the information regarding the Printing History of the Document.


Tracking, Tracing, and Analysis

Complete Audit Tracking and Analysis with Print Trace

Print Trace Smart Serialization tagging helps in complete Audit Trail Tracking and Traceability. Each document (and page) is assigned a unique, non-sequential code which contains important and exclusive information about each print job, including who, when, and where a document was printed.

Why Cipher Docs?

Cipher Docs is a futuristic Document Security Solution but there are a lot of reasons to select it above others. Evaluate, Monitor, Track, and Trace Document Designing and Printing Process through the beginning to end. Document Security Solution provides Firm Legitimacy, Validity, and Originality of the Document. It creates Uttermost Security with end-to-end Transparency, Traceability, and Tracking approach. It prevents the document from Opportunistic Fraudsters to counterfeit, forge, alter, or fake.

High End Security

Indisputable and Result-Oriented Document Security Approach to save and secure the documents from the fraudsters.

Substantial Protection

Cipher Docs provides Extensive, Exemplary, Explicit, and Ideal approach to safeguard documents in all forms.

Simple & Secure Process

Cipher Docs helps you to Build, Protect, and Secure endangered, unsafe, and invaluable documents from the Forgers.

Proven Ingenuity

Cipher Docs creates Authenticated, Personalized, Proven, Justified, Verified, and Validated Document Security Standards.

Personalized Solution

Cipher Docs provices Customizable, Alignable, Easy to Position, Accessible, Implementable, and Cost and Time effective solution.

360° Document Security

High Performance and High-Security Complete Solution which delivers an all-inclusive, stand-alone, on-demand Security Printing Solution.

Complete Approach

Comprehensive Approach, which supports the old document security approach with the upgraded standards, features, and techniques.

Design & Generate

Upload Template, Design, Add Security, Deploy, and Print High-Risk Documents with the highest level of security on-the-go.

Target Markets / Customers of Cipher Docs

Cipher Docs is a generic Document Security Solution which is implementable to any document. Documents which are the risk of getting altered by an imitator can be prevented and protected with the help of Cipher Docs. Below are the few examples of industries and their respective documents, which can be safeguarded with the help of Cipher Docs.

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