ERP Application Development

ERP Application Development

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software designed, developed, and built for an all-in-one integrated management application to core business processes in real-time.

Xaller Infotech provides all types of ERP solutions as per the client requirements. Our ERP Solution will help you to solve the problem of resource planning, allotment, utilization, tracking, etc.

Xaller Infotech builds customized ERP solutions as per the requirements of the client, which fastens the operational and functional activities. ERP applications are built for maximizing the resource utilization, increased sales/revenue, better profitability index, and achieving a competitive edge.

ERP Application helps in Company/Customer Data Analysis, Data Management, etc. ERP solution helps in achieving the organizational goals and objectives with a competitive edge with the highest level of resource management.

User-Friendly UI

ERP built by us comes with a customized and easy to adopt customer interface for enhanced tier management.

Systematic Management

ERP provides a systematic approach to the management of the resources for enhanced productivity.

Better Customer Retention

ERP creates a transparency between departments of the organization for a better customer experience.


ERP enforces outcome-based process for the organization to better understand their work and customers.

ERP System

Manage in style with ERP

Our ERP Applications are designed and developed to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from the multiple business activities for better utilization and management of the resources as a suite of integrated applications, we build ERP solutions with the latest techniques, technologies, and methodologies to make effective and efficient experience to make better information management, human resource management, conversion rates, financial analysis, operational activities, etc.

Our ERP Modules

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software designed, developed, and built for an all-in-one integrated management application to core business processes in real-time. Every Module is designed for completing a particular task, which helps in managing the Project, Operational, Marketing, Sales, and Financial activities for Organizational Growth and Business Transformation. The Best way to grow and to create an edge is through correcting our flaws, and how will you do it?

ERP Solutions help you to find the flaws, fix them with systematic management, better analysis, reduced cost, result-oriented decisions. ERP helps in storage, tracking, maintenance, growth, monitoring, and evaluation to attain a competitive edge.


CRM provides a better understanding of the customer experiences, their buying behavior for better result-oriented strategies

Sales Management

Sales Management Module creates a detailed layout of the Sales Funnel, and the tracking and analysis of Salesforce.

Project Management

Project Management Module provides the understanding of the various phases of the project for better productivity and management.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Module tracks the information about the stock availability with optimum stock management.


Manufacturing Module keeps the track about the factory and waste management. The information acquired is used for decision-making.


Invoicing Module keeps the track of the payment from buyers, track sales, control inventory, and it plays a huge role in Tax Accounting.


Accounting Module stores and tracks all the information of the financial transactions of the organization for higher profitability and cost accounting.


HRMS Module controls the information about the Human Resources and their management like recruitment, selection, appraisals, etc.

Benefits of ERP

Enhanced Resource Utilization

Enterprise Resource Planning Application builds an organized approach to better utilize resources.

More Opportunities and Revenue

ERP application helps you to create more sales and revenue as it helps in Data and Behavior Analysis.

Cost Effective

ERP App helps you to reduce the cost of unnecessary stocks, human errors, resource allotment, etc.

Time Effective

ERP helps you to identify best route for executions, reduces conflicts, and provides better execution.

Strengthens Financial Analysis

ERP Modules like Invoicing, and Accounting helps to track all the financial information for better analysis.

Customized ERP Solution

We provide you an option to select and customize the modules as per your requirements to better suit.

More Efficiency

ERP Solutions provide added Likability, Productivity, and Efficiency of the Organizational workflow.

Organizational Growth

An ERP System helps you to attain an Organizational Growth with the help of systematic management.


ERP Solution provides an Easy-to-use environment, powerful processing of info, and High Performance.

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