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EduBreed is a product designed and developed by Xaller Infotech to solve the problems of managing an Educational Institute with optimum resource Management, staff management, student management, scheduling, admission management, fees management, finance management, etc.

Education is the uttermost important aspect of any country, and it is important that the Students get the best service to achieve their personal goals and to build a great career with the help of their education. So, we created EduBreed to help the colleges, schools, and institutes to manage their operational, marketing, technological, and financial activities in the most sophisticated manner.

EduBreed has been divided into various modules to focus on all the aspects of running an Educational Institute with the best technical support to store, maintain, control, and manage the Institutional activities.

EduBreed gives you the privilege to manage all your activities without any hassle. With the help of EduBreed, the Educational Institute can track every enquiry with their status, reminders, follow-ups, Track Students, Quick Admission through Social Network, Notification via SMS/Email Integration, Detailed Reporting, Fees Tracking & Management, Easy and Sophisticated Scheduling, Attendance Management, High Security, Best Performance, etc.

EduBreed will help you make your breed of exceptional students who will make your Institute proud with your unique, sophisticated, and enhanced management style.


Features of EduBreed

Enquiry Management

Simple, easy, and sophisticated way to track, manage, follow, monitor, and evaluate enquiries for best outcome.

Fast Admissions Process

Effortless and Straightforward Admission Process to store, control, and handle Admissions along with Student data.

Complete Reports

Full, All-Inclusive, and Comprehensive Reports for detailed information in the form of Visual Graphics, MIS Reports, etc.

Enhanced Financial Management

Store, Manage, Track, and Monitor your investments, fees, and overheads for better analysis and decisions.

Track Everything

Track Enquiries, Admissions, Staff, Lectures, Students, Exams, Results, Fees, Expenditure, Branches, etc.

Built-In Notification

SMS and Email Integration for automated Notifications for Enquiries, Admissions, Fees Collection, etc.

Utmost Safety

Built with the help of latest technology to safeguard the institutes information from intruders and attackers.

Optimal Management

Helps the Institute to better allocate their resources, track and trace activities for maximum productivity.

Benefits of EduBreed

Better Management

Optimum use of Institutional Resources, Staff, Time, Assets, etc.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity with the help of Management Software.


Saves Natural Resources. No need to track anything on paper.

Improved Work Allocation

Reduces Workload on the Staff and Dedicates Work in the most sophisticated manner.

Latest Technology

Latest Technological Support to enhance the Staff and Student Experience.

Enhanced Revenue

Increased Profitability and Revenue for the Institute with Better Resource Management and Utilization.

Superior Analysis

Transparency, Trackability, and Traceability with the help of Detailed Reports.

High Performance

Better Student Management, which results in their better performance.

Brand Management

Enhancement in the Student Admission, Enquiries, and Institutional Reputation in the market.

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