Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Management System is a project and time management application designed and developed by Xaller Infotech. We as an organization have identified that managing and running a project is a difficult task, the time is spent on the project is not calculated, there is no better understanding of the resources utilization, and no transparency amongst the various departments, hence, reducing the productivity of the project along with the quality. So, we built our product, Quality Management System, to get rid of the issues during the project management process.

QMS has been designed after the research of environment scanning, scope understanding, problem finding, and identification, and then built a solution for Project Management.

QMS has been divided into multiple modules to make a complete solution to solve all the concerns of a project and the constraints of time management. QMS comes with Time Tracker, Time Allotment and Management, Resource Management, Application Management, Phases Management, Project Timeline, Detailed Reports, etc.

QMS helps the organization to build a quality operations activity within the organization to complete the projects within the stipulated timeframe. QMS will help the organization to increase productivity, optimize resource utilization, superior time and cost-effectiveness, better project planning, enhanced project implementation, complete project evaluation, and monitoring, detailed reports help in analysis and better decision making.


Modules of QMS


Time Tracker

Track every second of the time spent on a particular plan, project, research, application, development, designing, etc. to enhance productivity and manage time without hassle to better understand the scope of the project and work in accordance with the time and cost estimation.


Project Management

Plan, Build, Implement, Record, Store, and Manage the multiple projects, deadlines, budget, resources, etc. for smooth operational activities in accordance to the requirements with the maximum comprehension of the current status and future scope of a specific project.


Resource Management

Optimal use of Resources with the help of QMS. Track, Trace, Monitor, Evaluate every activity and time spent by a respective resource on a particular task to enhance the decision making, work allocation, and time management.


Work Allotment

Allot Tasks to multiple human resources as per the requirements of the project and the skillset of the assigned individual to complete the project in the estimated time and budget. The assigned individual receives an email about the task to be completed by them.


Phase Management

Plan and Execute every phase of the project, right from the start, research, analyze, strategize, implement, and monitor to keep a track of all the phases of the project to better execution, inspection, management, and results.


Detailed Reports

Simple, Easy, and Sophisticated Manner getting the details about the resources, time, budget, etc. spent on a particular project for enhanced knowledge, better analysis, and improved decision making to create a preferable strategy to complete the future projects.


Specified Accessibility

Maintain Specified Accessibility as per the role of the individual for maximum security of the information, and less unnecessary contradictions. It enhances organizational management with simple and easy access rights for better performance, security, and confidentiality.


Email Integration

The Timesheet Update of a particular individual is emailed to the respective superior to notify, verify, and analyze to apprehend whether the time was optimized or not by the reporting individual, who is responsible for an assigned project or task.


SMS Integration

Timesheet helps the respective Manager, team members know about the tasks completed by all the time members to track and analyze the time required to complete the project in the estimated time and budget with customizable messaging feature on update.

Benefits of QMS


Super Simple and Enhanced Time Tracking Application to track every task, plan, individual, or project o the organization.


Creates a Flexible, Enhanced, Detailed and Powerful Reporting Environment for more clarity and apprehension.

Time and Cost Effective

Time-Saving, and Cost Effective Solution to optimize time and to complete tasks in the estimated time and budget.

Boosted Productivity

Boost in Productivity due to enhanced Resource Utilization, detailed reports, better analysis, and refined decisions.

Increased Revenue

Better Operational activities build Increased Profitability and Revenue for the Organization with more focus on end goal.

Positive Publicity

Better Productivity, Quality work, and Timely Project Completion Spread a Positive-Word-of-Mouth through the clients.

Better Customer Base

Publicity helps the organization to improve Customer Acquisition and enhances the Retention Rate and builds a reputation.

Time Management

Automated Timesheet Management improves the data sharing and analysis process with Less Time spent on collection, and storage.

Business Intelligence

Actionable Business Intelligence and Deep Insights for Business Decision Making for better decisions and organizational growth.

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