Perfect ERP Selection Process

Perfect ERP Selection Process

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Enterprise Resource Planning helps you to get your organization on the right track with the help of Organizational Data Collection, Management, Analysis, and Evaluation for better decision making and optimal results as per the implementation. ERP helps you to understand your customers, employees, and market to create and execute a result-oriented strategy for the success of the campaign, project, or the organization.

ERP is a management software is applicable to all the organizations, whether it be small, medium, or large sized. But, the selection of the correct ERP software as per the requirements of your business and market. Selecting the right software reduces hassles, increases productivity, reduces cost and time, creates transparency, and optimal interoperability.

In this article, we learn the tactics of selecting the best ERP for your business needs.

1.    Analyze the Features of an ERP

Multiple brands sell their ERP’s and most of them seem to have the same functions, which can help your organization to succeed with the help of systematic management with the software. But, the bigger question is can ERP be the best solution for you?

Reality is no, not every ERP would be a perfect solution for your organization. An ERP should be analyzed with its respective features and try to compare whether those features resolve your concerns. If it matches your requirements, and if they have clients in your industry it would be an add-on, they would be a perfect match for your organization. An ERP Service Provider needs to provide us with services and functions which helps you to grow and succeed in the longer run.

2.    Review and Track the Feedbacks of the Current Customers

The Best way to know something about an organization or a service provider is to understand about them from their current customers, they can help you with the correct information, which you want to know about a service provider. Most of the times, the big or any company will show their positive side and will never tell you about their negative side. That’s where the current customers will help you to assess both sides of an organization and select the correct ERP for your Business Development and Growth.

3.    Cost-Effective

An ERP Solution is a long-term relationship with a vendor, so selection has to be done depending on the benefits of the software to a particular organization in comparison of the cost for the respective years you use the service. Try to analyze the organizational convenience of a feature of the ERP. Try to select the correct features, and don’t try to take unwanted features as it will create ambiguity and it will also increase the cost of the solution. Compare the Shortlisted ERP’s, and try to narrow down the number to 3 Service Providers to select the best amongst them.

4.    Support and Maintenance

The Most thing you did the research about an ERP Service Provider and you found that they very good at Installation, Training, and Promotion of the ERP. But, you don’t know anything about their Support and Maintenance, which might backfire in the future, and this mistake might end up getting your organization into a troublesome situation, where your system is not working, and your business is at stake, and do you unnecessary delays or no proper support drags your organization downwards instead of upwards. That’s why it is equally important to analyze the Support and Maintenance of a Service Provider before selecting an ERP Service provider. Now, the question is, how can you get that information and what are the sources to get the correct and reliable information about a particular service provider.

The Answer is Simple, the reliable source would be the people who are actually using the services, and those folks are the Current Users of the ERP software. Try to talk with them, check the feedback loops, analyze the reviews, and try to check whether the information collected is helpful or not, for the analysis of the final decision.

If you follow these steps, it will help you understand and know everything about a particular service provider, which can help you to take the final decision, whether you should select a respective ERP software and not.

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